Sunday, November 15, 2015

MAP: Exploring the World

I wrote the introduction and I am the consulting editor for a new book from Phaidon that juxtaposes maps, both traditional and digital, from many cultures and time periods......the book is available through bookstores and of course on Amazon. Click to hear an interview about the book with ABC Radio and NPR's All Things Considered.

We are currently in a golden age of cartography where more and more the line between data visualization and mapping is becoming blurred with our ability to display and analyse large amounts of spatial data, mostly from sources not traditionally available to cartographers, like cell phones and social media. This new book features maps from the beginning of cartographic thought all the way to what I have turned in the introduction "cartography's final frontier," that is the mapping of the human brain.

.....see reviews of the book and interviews about its cartographic methodology and philosophy at the Atlantic Monthly's CITYLAB, Wired Magazine, the BBC, Forbes Magazine and Travel + Leisure Magazine.